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I work as an independent consultant in design, methodology and statistical analysis. I am an honorary professorial fellow at the Black Dog Institute and University of New South Wales, and in the Centre for Mental Health at the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health at the University of Melbourne. Some of the material available from this site was developed when I worked at the Mental Health Research Institute of Victoria and the Centre for Mental Health Research at the Australian National University.


The research materials available on this site were developed by myself and my colleagues. We want you to use them and hope you find them useful. We retain the rights to the material but you are free to use them in your research, clinical practice, distribute them to others, etc. as you wish. You may also adapt, alter or extend the materials. The only things we require that you not do are to represent them as your own work or to offer them for sale.

If you use our work in a research or academic context, please cite the research publications which reported them. If you extend the material and redistribute it, please acknowledge the original source.

All the material is offered in good faith. Neither I or my colleagues offer any warranty or accept any liability arising from your use of it. If you believe there are errors in the material, please contact me.

Finally, as we live in a world in which take away coffee cups are imprinted with "Warning! Contents may be hot," I am probably obliged to point out that some of the material on this site, outside the "Statistical/Research Stuff" heading, may lack veracity and/or gravitas.

I also need to make it clear that this site has no connection with my current or previous employers. I'm sure they would want that.

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